Pikes Peak Kiwanis Club
Serving the Children of the World
Each year, the Kiwanis Club of Pikes Peak has given thousands of dollars to good causes and scholarships to benefit children and our community.  This year, we are placing a high priority on grant applications that use our volunteer hours and service to fundraising or similar projects.  We want to know you, contribute to your mission, and work should-to-shoulder to advance our mission through your agency.
So, while we will accept appeals for grant dollars, those amounts will be less and awards will be fewer. Instead, we hope to invest our time and participation in your cause by helping to raise funds or accomplish projects that advance our common missions.

If you wish to apply for a financial grant from the Pikes Peak Kiwanis Club, please download and complete the application below.  After completion of the application, save it and email it back to us at info@pikespeakkiwanis.com on or before 09/10/2018.


Grant Application - Pikes Peak Kiwanis Club